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The Medtner Society of Korea was founded by doctoral students Haeshin Shin (Boston University) and Hanna Choi (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). The MSK is dedicated to raising awareness of the virtuosic accomplishments of Russian pianist and composer Nikolai Medtner (1880-1951).

Haeshin and Hanna, natives of South Korea, recognized a lack of familiarity of Medtner among certain audiences. To change this, conferences and educational lecture recitals were hosted in his name in Boston, Moscow, and Seoul.

Developing a brand to further build awareness was key during their travels abroad. The logo is an elegant abstraction of the letter M and suggests the organic fluidity and motion of music. Paired with type reminiscent of Russian design during Medtner's lifetime, the logo as a whole twists historical reference into modern form.

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Medtner Society of Korea