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My goal is to make our time working together fun and productive.
With over 10 years of professional design experience and a lifetime creating art,
I look forward to being a trusted partner on your project.

While consumed in one of my many art projects (instead of a school assignment) someone said to me, “I wish you’d spend as much time on your homework as you do on your artwork.” To be honest it didn't mean much to me at the time because I was so young. But decades later when I built my life around my "artwork," I reflected on what those words meant from who they came from.

At the same time I had started to realize the power we each have to create our own lives. Thanks to the rise of social media, for the first time in history we were offered an intimate view into the lives of others... An open space of shared experiences, challenges, trials, and successes. It was proof of the possibility of a life I never thought would be accessible to me. It confirmed that maybe we aren't all made to follow the trajectory of 1. graduate college, 2. land a nine-to-five, 3. stay there "safely" until retirement. 

My favorite clients are those who are paving their own path to see out their dreams, doers of good, and pursuers of change. Every business has a story and a vision for the future, and my favorite part of this journey is using my skills to help others pursue those dreams. Together we can do so much good. Don't you think?

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- Amanda Zieba

Rachel has created gorgeous custom artwork for my book covers and website, images that both beautify and brand my work. I love the way she brings my ideas to life. Rachel is always professional and punctual to the timelines we set and also just a joy to work with. I can't wait to dream up my next project we can work on together. 

- Jennifer Perry

The custom house portrait Rachel painted of my childhood home brought instant warm and fuzzies to my soul! It was perfect! She nailed the colors — the lighting made me think of a warm summer night growing up at our house... She captured it like a memory feels, which is seriously something magical.

- Jill O'Brien

Rachel is amazing! She took the time to get to know me AND my business. She is prompt, efficient and very skilled at what she does. Even after our contract was over, she was checking in to make sure things were still working correctly. Thanks so much Rachel!

- Nicole Bailey

Rachel is such an easy person to work with. She listens to your ideas and what you want and then comes back with amazing concepts! Rachel did my wedding invites and I was in awe at what she accomplished. Thank you Rachel for making our invites a work of art!

- Heidi Eglash

Working with Rachel to design my firm's logo and branding was a joy and a sound investment that I'd wholeheartedly recommend. The readily visible benefit is the creative, beautifully designed work Rachel generates. What may not be visible, though, are the skillful questions she asks and the careful listening she does to really understand her client's vision and goals. Her well-crafted process for designing my firm's brand helped me to think more clearly and intentionally about what and how I communicate with my clients and my community. Essentially, Rachel's work on my behalf was strategic planning, but with visuals!