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Eglash Law Office specializes in life and legacy planning services. End-of-life conversations can be emotionally challenging and require a considerable amount of trust, compassion, and empathy — the kind of qualities Heidi Elgash struggled to find in traditional law firms she was employed by. So she started her own practice and set about changing the narrative around what an experience with law could be like.

Deeply rooted in empathy, empowerment, transparency, and education, Heidi emphasizes the importance of clients' active participation in the planning process and the collaborative nature of her process. Her goal is for her clients to feel empowered to make their own decisions, and walk away with an understanding of those decisions.

The brand is wholly centered around all of these values, evoking a professional but casual vibe designed to help clients feel comfortable (no intimidating law jargon here)... The kind of comfort you feel when having coffee with a trusted friend. To mirror ELO's focus on honoring family history, the logo depicts the letter "e" (for Eglash) nestled within the rings of a tree, illustrating and preserving years past.

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