Marketing + Direct Mail + Illustration

Healthgrades developed an ongoing "Healthy Directions" awareness campaign for the HCA-affiliated healthcare facilities in East Florida. Each month featured a new direct mail piece on various, seasonally-relevant health and safety topics. Highlighted here are the following: Pool safety, sleep apnea and minimally invasive surgery.

Other topics have included hurricane safety during the month of June, and firework safety during the month of July. All concepts are playfully conceptual in the interest of catching the attention of its readers.

The opening line, “A fun day at the pool can quickly get drained away,” correlates seamlessly with the visual of the mailer. A playful twist on typography as it winds down the pool drain tells readers that to have fun at the pool, it’s important to be safe first.

Sleep disorders come with a long list of negative side effects, from a weakened immune system to diabetes. Whether the reader is someone who snores or knows someone who does, the rocket ship illustration compares a visual to a sound, and initiates the conversation that snoring can be a serious matter.

Miniature icons speak to the notion of minimally-invasive surgery and its benefits: Smaller incisions, fewer post-surgery complications and shortened recovery time. In the case of minimally-invasive surgery, less [surgery] is more [time doing what you love].