Medtner Society of Korea
Logo Development

Founded by two doctoral students, the Medtner Society of Korea is an association focused on bringing attention to Russian composer Nikolai Medtner. He lived during the time of the Russian Revolution but was not as well-known as other composers of his time. Although Medtner performed his own compositions, he was uninterested in promoting himself, which explains the unfamiliarity of his name.

Natives of South Korea, Haeshin Shin (Boston University) and Hanna Choi (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) have recognized the lack of fame associated with Medtner, specifically among Korean audiences. By establishing the association, their goal is to increase awareness of Medtner’s virtuosic accomplishments.

The Medtner Society of Korea collaborates with musicians of various backgrounds, not limited to Korean audiences, with concerts being performed so far in Boston and potential to perform in Seoul. The association was born out of a passion for music, and plans to hold conferences and educational lecture recitals in Medtner’s name. (Photo below is borrowed.)