Joel + Rachel

October 7, 2017

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Our Wedding

Ceremony Begins at 4:30 p.m.

Reception immediately following at the same location.
(Venue and address specified on your invite.)


Mention the Kouba/Wunsch Wedding
to receive discounted rates.

- - -

Courtyard Madison West (Bistro Bar)
2266 Deming Way • Middleton, WI
Book Here by September 9, 2017
(This hotel will have a shuttle service from the barn at the end of the night.)

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Madison West
2212 Deming Way • Middleton, WI
Book by September 9, 2017
Reserve by Calling (608) 831-6970
(This hotel will have a shuttle service from the barn at the end of the night.)

Hampton Inn & Suites Madison-West
483 Commerce Drive • Madison, WI
Book Here by September 9, 2017
(This hotel will NOT have a shuttle service from the barn.)

Transportation + Parking

We have arranged for a school bus shuttle to make one trip to The Century Barn from the Courtyard Madison West (2266 Deming Way). The bus will arrive at the hotel at 3:10 p.m. and depart promptly at 3:30 p.m.

Due to limited seating on the bus, please be prepared to transport yourselves or utilize a cab service if need-be. (Green Cab of Madison (608) 255-1234, Badger Cab (608) 256-5566, Madison Taxi (608) 255-8294, Uber, etc.)

The bus will then transport guests from the barn back to the Courtyard Madison West, beginning at 9 p.m. and running until the end of the night.

Guests may plan to leave vehicles parked at the barn overnight, and vehicles must be retrieved on Sunday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. (The gate is locked outside of those times.) Please do not park on the grass.


We are registered at

Our Story

Her Side of the Story:

As a college grad, I was desperate to start my first real job. I accepted a position near Madison and had a mere two weeks to completely move out of my apartment in Eau Claire, relocate and find a new place to live. I was kind of panicking, but determined to make it work. (My new employer had initially asked me to start in ONE week, to which I negotiated to two. What kind of crazy expectation is that?!)

I knew very few people in Madison at the time, one of them being my cousin Liz. I reached out and asked if I could crash with her and her fiancé Herby until I could find a place of my own. She graciously invited me to stay with them, but also referred me to one of their friends, Joel, who lived closer to my new job and whose roommate had just moved out. Liz said Joel was in business with Herby and described him as "really nice and has a cat.” Hm, I liked nice people and I also had a cat, so it sounded like pretty solid preliminary criteria. Attempting to dig up more on my potential new roomie, I looked up this friend on Facebook (of course). …To find out that he was attractive too. Well.

At this point I was thinking, “Okay, so he’s apparently nice, has a cat, and he’s hot. This is off to a GREAT start.” At Joel’s suggestion, we met for sushi and took the opportunity to see whether we’d be compatible as temporary roommates. After a few rolls of sushi and cups of hot sake, we decided we were having a fun enough time to walk down the street to grab another drink and shoot some darts.

All that matters after this point is that I beat Joel at darts. (This has not happened since.) And no, he did not let me win.

I’m kidding; A LOT of things mattered after that point. Nearly six years of incredible things happened between the afternoon we met and the morning he asked me to marry him... We had our first kiss. We went on another “real” first date. He told me during my continued apartment search that he’d really like it if I’d stay living with him. We moved into the same bedroom in said two-bedroom apartment. We traveled. We bought a house. Brought home a puppy. And like, a billion other little things.

…Little things that have added up to this big thing that we’re in now – life as we know it.

So please, come party with us! You are our favorite people and it would mean the world to have you celebrate our marriage with us.

His Side of the Story:

The very first time I saw Rachel she was lost, holding a giant paper map up to her face trying to decipher where in the hell she was in Madison. Now, oddly enough she’s my full time navigator in life and I honestly would be lost without her.

I remember pulling up to her in the parking lot just down from our business and saying a few quick, probably corny lines she followed me to what would become our home for the next (little did she know) four years. I’m never very nervous around people and Rachel was clearly outgoing as well so we hit it off immediately and were laughing, joking and getting to know each other fast. I honestly remember her smile more than anything first. She is the owner of my favorite smile and even though she didn’t laugh at all my sarcasm that first night, I was fortunate enough to see it quite a bit.

The night went incredibly well, or at least in my opinion couldn’t have gone much better. She was introduced to one of my best friends growing up (and groomsmen, shout out Brandon), but more importantly she beat me in darts and loves to tell people that. We had a fantastic dinner, quite a few cocktails, great company and honestly just an all around wonderful time. In my gut I knew she was going to stay, but was thrilled when she came out and said it just a short while after her first visit.

I’ve been a pretty lucky person all of my life and my biggest takeaway from all of this is that the only possible reason I lost in darts is because all of my luck that day was spent on the crazy amount of things that had to come together for us to meet and become what we are today. It was so worth it!