Hi there!

My name is Rachel and I’m a graphic designer living in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m committed to delivering unique solutions to passionate people. I've come to learn that it's passionate people that make the world a fascinating and rewarding place, so it should come as no surprise that my ongoing pursuit is to surround myself with people of such nature.

It’s important that my clients are also passionate. I operate under the principle that the best work manifests when both parties are equally invested. Ultimately, successful design should make an impact. It has the power to create an experience and even influence our physical environment; it can engage our emotions, capture an audience and advocate change. If we share this mindset, we will develop some great work together!

I strongly believe that the timing of events plays an immense role in how our lives take shape. From reflecting on the many subtle (and some very strong) cues that have pointed me to this career, I’ve come to genuinely appreciate their purpose. So here I am, graphic designing the pants off of stuff but always making time for the messier mediums of art.

In no particular order: I’m a girl with a true Midwestern spirit, I’m fascinated by nature and prefer the outdoors, love organizing, I strongly dislike my handwriting, I will never (ever) say no to a donut, animals are the best, fall is by far my favorite time of year, I’m usually thinking about where to travel next (my list is unthinkably long), and I’m an honest person who believes that the simple things in life are the best things.